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  • Mike Cannon Appearing on 2/25

    Mike Cannon Appearing on 2/25 - Click to buy ticketsMike Cannon is a New York City based comedian and a delightful human being. He thinks being a good human being is more important, but for the purposes of this advertisement will keep his thoughts focused on comedy. Mike’s debut comedy album “I Think It Just Kicked In” released in September of 2017 t ...
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  • John Morgan Appearing on 3/1 - 3/3

    John Morgan Appearing on 3/1 - 3/3 - Click to buy ticketsGot a question? Problem? Need advice? The "Ragin'' Cajun" is here to help! Get your head out of the dark and help yourself with John Morgan''s Comedy Therapy. WAY cheaper than a shrink and definitely more affordable than an attorney! John Paul Morgan AKA "Rajun Cajun", was born in New Orleans, Louis ...
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